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Camp Cherokee


Just an hour from Toronto on the north shore of Rice Lake, with some of Ontario's best fishing. Panfish, pickerel (walleye), bass and muskie, we've got 'em all.


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Camp Cherokee

23 Paudash St

Hiawatha First Nation, ON

Canada K9J 0E6


(705) 295-3819

Fax: (705) 295-2932




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Rice Lake sunset

Sunset on Rice Lake.


Fishing at Camp Cherokee


on Rice Lake


Rice Lake is home to some of the best pan fishing in the world. And Camp Cherokee's location, right by the abandoned railway bridge which spanned the lake for a few years in the mid-19th century, is the best of the best.


The bridge formally opened in 1854; it was destroyed in the winter of 1861-62 by shifting ice.


Railway bridge

Photo courtesy Library and Archives Canada


What the ice didn't destroy was the numerous stone pilings which supported the bridge. Those submerged stone piles make a perfect fish habitat, and the ideal place for you to try your luck.


Rice Lake's pan fish population also supports some bigger fish; we've got pickerel (walleye), smallmouth and largemouth bass, and muskie.


So whatever you're after, you have a good chance of hooking it in Rice Lake. Why not give it a try!


Sunfish: Sport Licence - quantity 300 with 30 over 18cm. (7in.); Conservation Licence quantity 15, any size.

Walleye: Sport Licence quantity 4, must be between 35-50cm.(12-20in.); Conservation Licence - quantity 1, must be between 35-50 cm.(14-20in.)

Crappie: Sport Licence quantity 30; Conservation Licence quantity 10.

Perch: Sport Licence quantity 50; Conservation Licence quantity 25.


Bass season will be extended to December 15th (no changes to opening date and quantities)


Full regulations are available at:


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